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The logic is that anyone who is going to play any gambling, be it roulette, poker, slots or anything else, does so with the hope of winning. Quite right?

So let's see how best to organize ourselves to find points in our favor while keeping in mind that roulette in particular is set in favor of the casinos with an advantage between 1.35% and 5.3% against the player.

In our specific case, however, we are interested in winning in live online roulette casinos, and we need to know what are the rules and tricks that must be followed to get some more chances to beat the croupier.

The first rule to follow would seem obvious, but that not everyone follows, it would be to know the rules of the game well! In this regard, for those not well prepared on the subject, it is worth taking a look at our following page HERE to study the table of roulette payments.

At this point, having found an online casino where we would like to play live roulette, we must know that the roulette table to be avoided is absolutely the American one. The reason is soon explained here: the American roulette unlike the European and French, has two zero "00" which equates to an advantage of 5.3% for the bank against us.

So why risk our money on a game where the dealer already has this advantage over us?
The road to follow in response to American roulette is automatically given by European roulette which has only one zero and an advantage for the casinos of 2.7% so about half of what the casinos earn with the American. Therefore, it is absolutely preferable to choose to play European roulette instead of the American one.

But now we are about to reveal to you a secret that will put you in a position to fight almost on equal terms with the coupier and that is the following:

In addition to European roulette, it would be even better if the live casino has a table with French roulette with the so-called "La Partage" rule where the advantage for the croupier is reduced to 1.35% and thus making the game even less disadvantaged for the player.

Another strategy to follow is to prefer the game outside the table, so not on numbers, but on red and black or even and odd. Of course, here you earn less, but you also risk. Here, however, we must not rely much on the colour that came out previously, because even if the same colour, let's say the red, has already been released 10 times in a row you obviously think that the moment of black has arrived, but instead it is not so. Roulette is mechanical and certainly does not remember the color or numbers previously issued. Every spin is a story in itself and the past is to be forgotten immediately.

If we really like playing with numbers, then perhaps we should study the PIVOT system which can be found on the following page HERE of our site. The risk with this strategy is quite calculated and nothing has to do with those fools who play huge sums on a single number. If you want you can expand to play on two or three numbers at the same time, but not more.

Furthermore, if you really want to bet on the numbers, take care to place also some type of outside bets such as red / black, odd / even at 1 / 18-19 / 36 as previously explained.

One advantage of playing live online casino roulette is certainly the one offered by the tranquility of our home, avoiding distractions like in a real land-based casino. Therefore, if you feel like stopping for 10-15 minutes, move away from the computer and come back when you want, if you feel relaxed. The croupier will have no complaints and you don't have to justify yourself to anyone.

If the live dealer is female and you are male, be careful NOT to be distracted by her femininity and think exclusively of your game!

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